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Dam X

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Theoretical kayaker...

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:22 pm    Post subject: Dam X Reply with quote

The standard "what's their current e-mail?", "does anyone have their current drysuit catalogue/order form?" questions.

(Google gives about 5 different answers...)
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Failing/failed my degree

Joined: 14 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From 2006, but should be enough to get you started:


Download the original attachment
DAM Watersports KAYAKING Dry-Suits ( Made to measure at no extra cost )
A range of specialist “K-Cut” dry-suits developed specifically to meet the needs of paddlers, these purpose built, double-waisted, made-to-measure suits have a long and excellent track record for providing 100% water-proof performance. Our made to measure service means the suit will be specifically tailored to fit you providing maximum comfort and encouraging you to extend your performance limits. Excellent freedom of movement is ensured by a closer cut under-arm profile ( also makes rolling faster due to reduced fabric area)

All our kayaking dry-suits feature an extra body tube and waist seal ( like on a double-seal cag ) this keeps water out of the top of your spray-deck. The extra body tube is an integral part of the suit and is made from the same fabric as the top part of the dry-suit. It ends in a tight fitting neoprene waist-band with a lycra edging-tape for extra durability and a reliable seal. The high chest seam permits use of the full height of the body tube of your spraydeck.

K-Cut: The K-Cut profile has evolved as a result of years of feedback from customers. In recent years we have further developed the made-to measure tailoring formula to give a closer fitting suit, particularly in the leg and lower body zone. The suits however retain the ultra-flexible chest, back and under-arm profile to allow maximum freedom of movement in the upper body, shoulder and arm regions – higher performance on the water with more style off the water.
Zip: The back entry suit ( across the shoulders zip ) is the only realistic option for a kayaking drysuit as the front loading designs over-stress the zip through repeated flexing and they do not permit a fully effective double-waisted design. You will barely notice the zip across your shoulders – especially with the Tizip dry suit zip.

Tizip - the german manufactured super-flexible all plastic dry suit zip is now adopted as standard specification on all of our paddle sports dry suits. The Tizip offers some significant advantages for paddle sports suits: it lies very flat, is more supple and so is much less noticeable across your shoulders, no metal partst so no corrosion problems. ( and a reliable DAM track record since 1999) .

The BDM metal toothed dry-suit zip is still available as a cost option ( £15 extra ) for the paddler with a more “traditionalist” attitude. ( UK manufactured BDM zips have been around for over fifty years and are still the choice for diving suits due to their high pressure capability )

Latex Seals: All our latex seals are top quality components manufactured in the UK in the full range of sizes.

( Beware certain other manufacturers importing cheaper but short-lived seal

In order to achieve the most reliable latex seal joints all DAM Watersports products feature latex seals which are sewn and taped into the suit using a three-layered seam tape. They will never come unglued yet are easily removed and replaced which means lower replacement costs with no messy glue zones and a very fast turn-around on repair work ( usually within three days ). Boots/socks or ankle seals - either option is included in the standard price. Our boots/socks are the 3D shaped version not the cheaper flat socks which are prone to splitting along the fold.
Belt: All DAM drysuits are supplied with a velcro adjustable belt which is fully removable.
Seal protectors: A double-lined neoprene ankle cuff is double stitched into each leg. This cuff works together with

your boot or shoe to completely conceal the latex ankle seals or socks - the latex is completely protected from abrasion and UV. No velcro tabs or buckles - so nothing to break, tangle or tear.


Neoprene/Velcro Over-cuffs for additional warmth and when velcro-ed tight will give a greater degree of water exclusion in extreme conditions when hitting the water hard. In addition the latex wrist seals are protected from physical damage and from the suns UV rays. The adjustable tension neoprene cuffs extend to just past the end of the latex wrists so the seals are always concealed beneath a protective neoprene layer. ( Add £8 )

Neoprene Double Neck Protection A double-lined neoprene cone which covers and protects the latex neck seal. This reduces wind chill and protects the neck seal especially from damage when carrying your boat on your shoulder. Please note that this is not an adjustable feature designed to pull tight around your neck ( and choke you ) - it will not rub your neck sore and it will not interfere in any way with your paddling. ( Add £10 )

Comfort Zip Fitted horizontally across the crotch area ( to minimise the flexing of the zip and fabric by aligning it with the natural folds of the suit when you are seated ), this is an increasingly popular option for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the zips are very expensive – UK manufactured BDM metal toothed zips with high hand-made labour costs. Please phone for details on how women can use this zip option by using an unmentionable device!!! ( Add £55 )

3000 Series Kayaking Dry Suit £276 ( £8 p+p )

Designed to be the best, toughest and longest lasting dry-suit you can buy: Constructed entirely from the latest generation of ultra-abrasion resistant non-breathable tri-laminate fabrics. With years of excellent track record in the full range of applications, this suit is our best selling kayaking suit . All matt black with red computer embroidered logos. ( See next page for full specification. )

Breathable version available £276 ( £8 p+p ) Introduced Spring 2002 See page 2

Hybrid XP Kayaking Drysuit £257 ( £8 p+p ) Introduced April 2005

This suit is aimed at paddlers who seek the ultimate in fabric flexibility for faster action and maximum agility. Incorporating a super soft tri-laminate fabric brand new to paddle sports and the lighter more flexible Tizip this non-breathable dry suit offers the highest performance but at the expense of a reduced life expectancy when compared with our 3000 Series suits. ( Uses the tough trouser section of the 3000 Series suit )

Page Two

DAM Watersports KAYAKING Dry-Suits ( Made to measure at no extra cost )

Please read the general information on page one first..

3000 Series Kayaking Dry Suit £276 £8 p+p Introduced Nov 1998
“Performance, Toughness, Longevity, Proven Track Record”

Our best selling dry suit, a tried and tested formula with years of successful track record. The friction free inner fabric surface and robust outer fabric surface provide the basis for the toughest kayaking suit you can buy. 100% performance. No compromise.
Designed to be the best dry-suit you can buy:

With fully evolved design features and options list.

Warmer, tougher, easier to wear and 100% dry, year after year.

Rugged tri-laminate fabrics and the ultimate in multi-stage seaming technology.

We believe the 3000 Series suits to offer an unbeatable combination of performance and longevity.
Extremely hard wearing: tough, hard-wearing outer layer for excellent abrasion resistance. Twice as abrasion resistant as the usual nylon external layer used by main-stream manufacturers.

Excellent longevity: the best butyl water-proof membrane layer available – thicker yet more supple giving years of waterproof performance.

4-stage seam construction: adhesive primed, straight stitched, double top-stitched and double taped with three layer seam tapes. Our suits do not leak. 100% satisfaction.

Internal protection: the inner surface of the 3000 Series fabric is a high quality close woven fabric layer which protects the water-proof membrane from the internal abrasion that causes leaks in cheaper two layered products.

Easy to wear: There’s no rubbery internal surface to snag and rub against base layer/thermal layers - this makes the suit warmer and easy to put on and move around in – minimal internal friction for high performance levels.

A no compromise drysuit. The toughest components and the most robust construction techniques. All matt black with a made to measure fit these suits ooze quality and attention to detail.

Please note that the 3000 Series suit is now fitted as standard with the very popular Tizip dry suit zip. This German component is a break with our policy of sourcing materials and components from UK manufacturers, but the high performance of the Tizip makes it difficult to justify sticking with the “UK only policy” in this particular respect. The metal toothed BDM dry suit zip is however still available as a cost option at £15.

Colour: Matt Black with red logos. New colour for 2005: black bottom half with amber/yellow upper. Please note that river silt does show up on the yellow! ( See page 1 for options list. )
Breathable 3000 Series Kayaking Dry Suit £276 ( £8 p+p ) Introduced Spring 2002
The 3000 Series breathable dry suit uses the tough non-breathable 3000 Series tri-laminate fabric below the chest seam ( where the abrasion and flex resistance is required ) and a high performance tri-laminate breathable fabric above the chest seam where the breathability is of maximum benefit ( sweat is generated mainly by the upper body )

Please note that the breathable option is not suitable for the vast majority of paddlers. We offer this option only after one-to-one discussion with the customer to assess their specific needs. It is easy to be attracted by the suggested benefits of a breathable suit - offering a warmer, drier, more comfortable experience as a result of your sweat being exhausted from the suit in the form of water vapour. And it does/can work. BUT! … The following facts should be considered:

Breathable fabrics never last even 50% as long as our non-breathable fabrics, are not repairable and will need extra care.

Buoyancy aid and spray deck prevent any breathing taking place in this region, so you are breathing only through the arms.

It is scientifically impossible for any breathable fabric to function at more than a minimal level when the external surface is wet.

White water paddlers will for much of the time get no benefits from a breathable fabric but will suffer the drawbacks of greater care requirements with significantly reduced longevity.

Colour: Black below chest seam, dark gun-metal blue above the chest seam with red logos. ( See page 1 for options list. )
Hybrid XP Kayaking Drysuit £257 ( £8 p+p ) Introduced April 2005

This suit is aimed at paddlers who prioritise the ultimate in fabric flexibility for faster action and maximum agility. The Hybrid XP suit features exactly the same rugged trouser section as the 3000 Series suit but the upper body section utilises a new super soft UK manufactured tri-laminate fabric brand new to paddle sports. The upper part of the dry suit “feels” like a light breathable suit but field tests have demonstrated that it lasts many times as long. The performance and comfort advantages are due to the high-matt, extremely finely woven external textile layer – a very smooth surface offering minimal friction, excellent water-shedding qualities and reduced wind chill.

The all tri-laminate fabrics in the Hybrid XP suit are matched through-out by the same high quality construction as the 3000 Series suits - triple stitched with 4-stage double taped seams. The highly flexible Tizip dry suit zip is a perfect match for the Hybrid XP fabric and is fitted as standard.

Please note that the lighter Hybrid XP fabric will NOT give the same degree of longevity as our customers have come to expect from the 3000 Series range. You should choose the 3000 Series suit if absolute longevity is your priority. You should choose the Hybrid XP if you want a suit designed with the highest priority given to flexibility, and lightness. Upper body sections can be replaced at about the same cost as a new cag.

Colour: All Matt black with red logos. ( See page 1 for options list. )

Further details: Andi Riley DAM Watersports 7 Brampton Close Bedford MK42 0HD Phone 01234 267314

e-mail damwatersports@yahoo.co.uk FAX 08701 360710
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Laurent Vales

Joined: 04 Oct 2007
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Location: Testosterone Towers with podgey and the giant

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alternatively e-mail or ring Mr. Mark. He posted the forms direct to me.


Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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Failing/failed my degree

Joined: 14 Mar 2007
Posts: 663

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What's this "post" stuff?

Ring/email Andy @ Dam. He'll email you the latest version of the forms.

Only issue I have is I found the arms a little long. I've since had them shortened at no cost though.
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Theoretical kayaker...

Joined: 30 Jan 2007
Posts: 1029
Location: Leeds

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 6:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cheers. I know the basics sicne I have one myself, but Rich has got jealous. and cold.
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